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El Sueno y la Tumba

An authentic epic of the medieval world. A rigorous history of the crusades that reads like a fabulous story of intrigue, war and power.

"El Sueno y la Tumba: las Cruzadas como nadie las habia contado ...Published posthumously by his widow, Sheila Lalwani Payne, the book soon rose to the heavens of stories about the extraordinary phenomenon of the crusades, at the height of Runciman's classic study, perhaps not as exhaustive but more exciting and moving."--
Daniel Arjona, El Confidencial

"...considered one of the best historical sources on the Crusades for its excellent combination of rigor and disclosure that captures the essence of this exciting period of the history of the West and East."--Xornal21.es

"The author is a master in describing the environment in which the events took place, the landscapes, the protagonists (Christians, Turks, Mamluks, Cypriots, Byzantines, Mongols,, Circassians, Armenians) with their greatness and misery, daily life, tactics warriors, the remarkable role of military orders and women."--Beatriz Comella, Aceprensa

"A masterpiece."--Tino Pertierra, Book Reviews of Historia--La Opinion de Malaga